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About the Foundress Mai

Mai’s journey is the epitome of hope! Being one of the “boat people” immigrating from Vietnam to America in early 1981, Mai would find many enriching experiences – from early childhood development to her collegiate studies in Strategic Management, rewarding career and entrepreneurial pursuits.  While achieving many successes, Mai remained unfulfilled!

In early 2004, Mai would find herself on two distinct occasions, incessantly praying in front of the Tabernacle. In recollection of Mark 8:34, Mai, with the Grace of God, decided to pick up her torture stake and follow after Christ as she could hear his calling, “If you truly love me, leave everything and follow me!”

Her quest to wholeheartedly align with Christ’s purpose led her to enter two religious communities and eventually, embark upon her one of her most rewarding sacrificial offerings – serving the underprivileged in vulnerable communities in Atlanta.

Recalling Proverbs 19:17, Mai knew a greater purpose awaited her life! Humbly submitting herself to achieving an even greater purpose in Christ, Mai left behind the comforts of the world and became a philanthropist and missionary.

Mai’s heart could not have fathomed the richly gratifying experience awaiting her. Her missions led her to help the underprivileged as well as those in orphanages across Jamaica, Belize, Israel, and Vietnam. She was also instrumental in helping human trafficking victims in various cities in America.

In 2018, while on a pilgrimage in Fatima, Portugal, Mai accounts her next experience as nothing shy of a miracle. Mai was afforded the opportunity to go to Vietnam where she assisted with the human trafficking restoration mission.

Mai again found herself pondering how she could use her life to serve an even greater self-sacrificing purpose in doing the Lord’s work.  Prayerfully, Mai contemplated the need for additional organizations that could further support the needs like many of the peoples she encountered on her various missions. 

In the summer of 2018, Mai founded the Fatima Outreach Foundation;  in 2020, the Beggars of Christ Missionaries; and, in April 2021, the Fatima Outreach Foundation which purchased 400 acres of land in West TN. This land was named after her dear Lord, “Beggars of Christ Refuge” and served as an oasis for human trafficking restoration and home for the missionaries.

Being a devout Christian has been Mai’s heartfelt desire and life work!  She remains active in educating people on two types of human trafficking: Physical and Spiritual; and, tirelessly works on outreach programs to help the homeless, underprivileged and the victims of human trafficking!