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About Fatima Outreach Foundation

Fatima Outreach Foundation is a non-profit corporation and is operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and religious purposes.

These purposes include:

1. Human trafficking prevention and victim restoration in Jesus’ name.
2. Aiding human trafficking victims through material, spiritual and social support.
3. Providing a safe place, counseling, fellowship, and prayer for women victimized by human trafficking.
4. Providing educational materials to the general public related to the prevention of human trafficking.
5. Designing and establishing a center for physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual renewal.
6. Performing spiritual activities within the community such as prayer, religious education, and Catholic Masses and Marian processions, etc.
7. Engaging in other activities as may be necessary and proper to accomplish educational, charitable, and religious objectives within the scope of Fatima Outreach Foundation Bylaws.
8. Beggars of Christ (BOC) Missionaries are permanent members of FOF.  Their way of life is to be wholly dedicated to the mission of FOF including but not limited to spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
9. To be instrumental in preventing spiritual and physical trafficking. BOC’s spirituality will be grounded on the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
10. Establishing, supporting and maintaining a self-sustaining community that includes BOC Missionaries, other missionaries, and contributing members working together to assist in the restoration of human trafficking victims.
11. Permanent BOC Missionaries, who live on the self-sustaining Refuge, are responsible for making final decisions associated with the property.
12. In the restoration process, our goal is to use God’s Agape love to restore the victims’ sense of dignity which they have lost. 
13. Fatima Outreach Foundation is named after the apparition of Our Lady in Fatima, Portugal. Our mission is dedicated to the mother of God, who has entrusted us to do God’s Holy Will.