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Beggars of Christ Refuge Features

· Approx. 400 Acres of Land

· Little Sea of Galilee 30 Acre Lake

· 9 Cottages

· Swimming Pool

· Beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets

· Imported Sand Volleyball Court

· Quiet & Peaceful Surroundings

· Six Ponds/Lakes (Incl. Little Lake Jordan)

· Welcome Center w/ Sitting Area

· Little Praying Area

· Multiple Pavilions

· Fishing Spots

· Concrete Walkways

· Birds & Bunnies & Other Wildlife

The Property is Beautiful, but Much Work is to Be Done!

Please consider a monthly or one time donation, which can be made on our DONATE page. By donating to Fatima Outreach Foundation you will be assisting the mission to help victims of physical and spiritual trafficking heal through the power of Our Lord Jesus Christ.​ It will help in financing renovations, new buildings, and housing costs for the victims.