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Our All-Volunteer Team

Mai of Jesus, Sterling, VA

BOC Missionary/Foundress/President

If God’s willing, hopefully not too long from now, Beggars of Christ (BOC) will be approved as a Religious Order within the Roman Catholic Church. Then and only then, I’d be a true BOC religious sister.  As for now, I am only but a BOC missionary, a lowly servant of our Lord, a “sister in Christ” to all.  Perhaps the biggest sinner, but through the Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who continually saves me from the valley of darkness, has blessed me to see Him through the suffering poor, trapping inside the spiritual human trafficking victims.  Since He first loves me, it just made perfect sense that I too, need to love Him.  For this reason, my life is dedicated to serve Him through FOF’s ministry that His Mother, Our Lady of Fatima, entrusted in FOF.  In the mean time, I can only boast in the saving graces that our Lord continues to pour on me:

>> All the trials and sufferings, I thank you Lord!

>> All the unbearable weigh of being misunderstood, I thank you Lord!

>> All the rejections, I thank you Lord!

>> All the gossiping and backbiting, I thank you Lord!

Jesus is my only strength and desire.  It is in Him, with Him, through Him, and for Him that I serve. So, with a simple blue scarf on my head that represents the blue mantle of protection of our Lady of Fatima, a simple blue dress, and over used pair of shoes, I march on forward in serving. Please pray for me! Jesus, have mercy!

Tine William, Cordova, TN

Libby Park, Memphis TN

Dorie Cordovez, Bolivar, TN



Bryan Watson, Memphis, TN

Communication Outreach Director

Pat Pope, Bolivar, TN

Intake Director


Hank Hopper, Middleton, TN

Mission Refuge Security

Gayani Paolino, Virginia

Contributing Member

Gene Paolino, Virginia

Contributing Member

Kate Kampa, Virginia

Contributing Member

Patrick Chisholm, Virginia
Contributing Member

Perry & Maria Howell, Bolivar, TN

Contributing Members

Leo, Nelly & Leonardo, Bolivar, TN

Contributing Members

Neal & Sue Certain, Bolivar, TN

Contributing Member